New Site – New Skills

New Site – New Skills

August 4, 2017 cwilliams 0

A few days ago a colleague of mine had occasion to navigate to my website.  Now I hadn’t looked at it (much less maintained it) for about 5 years.  Oh how embarrassing – it just looked so … amateur.  He was quite gracious, of course, but I knew that I just had to buckle down and re-write it.

This unfortunate event coincided with my taking something of an interest in Azure so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and use Azure to host my new site.

My requirements aren’t particularly spectacular:

  • A site that doesn’t look amateur
  • Something I can blog to
  • …that’s about it for now.

After about 10 minutes of digging around I figured that a WordPress site would probably be fine for my needs.

So, how easy is it to set up a WordPress site from scratch on Azure?  Well, remarkably easy as it turns out.  But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t need a little help along the way and so this is my aide-memoir of pages that helped me to get things up and running:

The theme that I’m using (at time of writing this post) is Prasoon by Spiracle Themes.

The main page image was sourced from Adobe Stock

That’s it.

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